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Planning can be stressful – we take that stress away by helping you create a complete itinerary suited to your needs and based around the tides.  Here are some highlights we suggest to all of our customers! 

Lake Mackenzie

One of Fraser Island’s most famous stops- Lake Mackenzie features silica white sand and crystal clear blue water.  It is a “perched” lake which means it contains only rainwater and is not fed from streams or the ocean.   The sand and organic matter at the bottom of the lake form a impenetrable layer, preventing rainwater from draining away.   The silica sand here is so pure and gentile it softly squeaks as you walk on it!   We recommend an early morning or late afternoon visit to avoid the crowds. 


Champagne Pools 

Champagne Pools- a stunning set of rock pools on the norther end of the island- when the waves hit the rocks it bubbles creating a champagne like effect.  Come here with some lunch and hang out in the nice sandy area for a while before heading in for a dip! 


Lake Wabby 

 Lake Wabby is our personal favourite lake! Unlike other lakes on Fraser Island it hosts a variety of fish species – if you’ve missed your pedicure for the week dip your feet in here to have the little fishies nibble at your them!  You better hurry to see this lake- the giant dune it is surrounded by is estimated to swallow up the lake in about 100 Years… Photo Credit 




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Eli Creek

Eli Creek is the largest creek on the eastern beach of Fraser Island.  It is estimated that it pours up to four million litres fresh, filtered water into the ocean every hour.  Come to Eli and spend some time on the boardwalk or floating down its crystal clear water- we recommended renting a couple of floaties for your ideal experience!

75 Mile Beach 

You guessed it – 75 Mile Beach is the stretch of beach along Fraser that is 75 Miles long  – from the bottom of the Island at Hook Point up to Indian Head. This breath taking drive is easiest to drive along low tide and will take you past a few highlights along the way. Along this stretch of beach you’ll find: Eli Creek, Maheno Ship Wreck, The Pinnacles (coloured sands), Champagne Pools and Indian head.  There is a strict NO SWIMMING along this beach – but don’t worry you’ll have many other opportunities to take a dip 🙂 



Maheno Shipwreck

On 9 July 1935 the Maheno became beached on the east coast of Fraser Island after being caught in a strong cyclone. The remains of the ship are now severely rusted, with almost three and a half storeys buried under the sand. Because of the danger it poses, climbing on the wreck is not permitted.


Fraser Island isn’t the only place you can visit in one of our 4wd’s for hire, many people also visit Double Island point. With a handful of natural lagoons to swim in and snorkel and the lighthouse to trek up to, it is beautiful for a day trip. Here is an amazing April Sunset from Double Island Point.

Rainbow Beach’s name derives from the rainbow-coloured sand dunes surrounding the area according to the legends of the Kabi people, the dunes were coloured when Yiningie, a spirit represented by a rainbow, plunged into the cliffs after doing battle with an evil tribesman. Much of the sand colours stem from the rich content of minerals in the sand.





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